Kodály Quartet
Kodály Quartet:

Beethoven Op.59/2 Op. 74. Vol.5.

"Warmly expressive and vital..." "..the hushed intimacy, the moments of stillness and awe, like the bubbling good humour and the boulding spiritual energy of these readings, provide many moments when you just want to hold your breth and marvel at the astonishing richness of these works."
(Classic CD, Dec, 1999)

"...great music performed with great conviction."
( musicweb.uk.net, Feb, 2001)
Beethoven Op. 59/3.Op.127. Vol.6.

"The Kodaly’s playing throughout the last of the Razumovsky trilogy, Op.59/3. in C, is spellbinding. There’s an Olympian breadth and intensity here... Op.127. is a triumph for these players... another extraordinary achievement."
(BBC Music Magazine) ***** Pick of the Month, Apr, 2000)

" A new triumph...excellent performances..."
(Classic CD, March 2000)

"One of the finer ensembles around... superb quality of the playing (the ensemble is excellent; intonation is flawless)... superior, unforced music-making. ... outstanding recording."
(American Record Guide May/Jun 2000)

"..impressive" "...pliant lyricism.." effecting gorgeously shaded dynamic contrasts.." " ..linear clarity.."
( Classics Today )..
Beethoven: op.132., H.34. Vol.7.

"precise and clear reading...the playing is very fine.."
(American Record Guide, July-August, 2000)
Beethoven Op. 130., Grosse Fugue Op 133. Vol.8.

"a bright, lively and bracing performance of Beethoven’s massive quartet..." (op.130.)
"human scaled performance... the Kodalys miraculously make it sound more like a piece of music, and less like the sawhorse it can and often does.." (Grosse Fugue).
(Classics Today)

"the Presto second movement is played with skill and precision and the contrasting moods of the ensuing Andante are explored with the utmost conviction... They capture the passionate intensity of the tender, heartfelt Cavatina with spacious, unhurried playing of deep expressive penetration and perform the jolly substitute finale with strikingly rhytmic vitality and clear articulation.."
"their refreshingly direct spontaneous yet highly concentrated interpretation [of the Grosse Fugue] builds to an expansive and triumphant climax. "
( The Strad. Feb.2001.)
Beethoven: op.131. op.135. Vol.9.

"The Kodaly Quartet’s lucidity is uncommon, especially on great op. 131, Beethoven’s own favourite"
(The Ottawa Citizen)

" The KQ is a polished, taut, thoroughly intergrated foursome, capable of intelligent, probing, tastefully expressive interpretation...."
( BBC Music Magazine Aug. 2001.)

"..op. 131. is a triumph for the Kodaly’s, whose account ranks with the best modern performances......wonderfully played.....outstanding....superbly done.."
(Classics Today.)
Haydn: op.3. No.3-6.

"...The playing is very fine indeed; outer movements display tremendous verve and enthusiasm.." "..The players get comic moments totally right,..letting the music make the jokes obvious..." " faultless musicianship makes this another winner."
(Classics Today)
Schubert: D18. D46. D112.

"The Kodaly’s warmth and uncomplicated honesty of approach work well .."
(BBC Music Magazine)

"They play here with splendid verve and vigor, and their balance and intonation is superb".. "Melodic passages truly sing here"... "..very well conscructed performances"..."a most pleasurable listen..."

"Charming performances" "The Kodaly Quartet, always a notably well-balanced group, brings an elegant style and expressive warmth to all three works."
(Gramophone. Dec.2002)
Schubert: Vol.6 (Quartet No.15, Five German Dances D.90)

"A fine example of interpretation and performance. One of the best recordings..."
(MusicWeb International, September 2005)

"...imposing...masterful...attractive and insightful..."
(Classic Today, June 2005)
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